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Dronten NL

7-8 September 2012!

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Velomobile Get Together

Time table at the bottom.

As part of the 7th International Velomobile Seminar in Dronten (NL) Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September, there will be a Get-Together for all interested people.
The seminar has presentations, an exhibition and worshop. Follow the links at the left for more information on the various themes.
Obviously, a successful velomobile seminar can't do without a great Get Together. An opportunity to catch up with fellow velomobile riders from countries all over the world. The get-together has it's own programme, well aligned with the seminar.
The Get-Together includes meals and night-stays, a party evening with live music and BBQ, an attempt to break the largest number of velomobiles record and as a completion a grand tour around Flevoland and surrounding area.


The centre of the get-together will be the Dronten Campingsite Wisentbos. You are welcome from Thursday afternoon. Below are the options for staying:

  • Own tent, night including breakfast and/or diner
  • Communal tent, (6 and 8-persons) night including breakfast and/or diner (bring your own matrass and sleeping bag)
  • The tent options can be booked and payed witht the organisation.
  • Caravan or chalet (4, 6 or 8 persons) on the camping
  • book and pay directly with camp site
  • Guest houses or hotel rooms in the neighbourhood are also available within the Dronten area.

We can not arrange these for you, but we can provide contact details (hotel, B&B). Make your own arrangements. Reservation and payment is your responsibility.


On Friday evening, there will be a party, starting with a BBQ, followed by a live performance of Schneewittchen! This performance is brought to you by, manufacturer of the Quest and the Strada.

Saturday: record attempt

On Saturday morning we will assemble in the centre of Dronten in an attempt to set a new WHPVA/NVHPV world record velomobiles. Currently the record is 149 velomobiles together on 28-12-2011 in Schermerhorn (NL).

Tour of 75 km

After counting all velomobiles present and - expectedly - setting a new record the group will depart at 10:30. First part will be along the fietssnelweg (bike-highway). For those that like to race, here is a safe opportunity. Regrouping will be after the Roggebotsluis on parking site 't Haasje. The route will continue along Kampen, passing an old sea-dike, through the old city, and crossing the citybridge, towards the Ramspolbrug. Further following the water until we reach Schokland. Schokland was the first monument that is placed on the UNESCO world Heritage List. This former island became mainland after the Noordoostpolder was cleared from water and turned into New Land 50 years ago. We turn into the land towards the Schokker Museum where in the restaurant a lunch buffet will be waiting. This point is around 33 km into the tour. Expected arrival around 12:30.

Since 8 September is also Open Monuments Day, the museum can be visited for free, (may be a low 1 euro contribution.)

After this longer stop, we will continue around 14:30 to the other former Zuiderzee Island: Urk. Inhabitants still live not in, but "on" Urk....This fishermans town still has an active harbour and fish trade. Here there will be the opportunity for eating a traditional herring, an bowl of Urker Fish-soup or just an refreshing drink with a fine piece of apple pie.

After this short break, we will return to Dronten. At 19.00 we will have an good Get Together Closure with an Pasta-Dinner at the restaurant of camping

Short cuts in the route are available for those that don't appreciate a 75 km tour, as well as an extra detour to Lands End (the Dutch version) for those that didn't have enough yet.
If you have guests who don't cycle: They can go to Schokland where they will have lunch with us, and have a good programm as well.

Ride details

The ride on Saturday has been tested. If you have a GPS, you can download a track that allows you to see where we're going. If you don't have a GPS, you can use a description in English or in Duch with printable maps. With a bigger group it is nice to have multiple people with knowledge of the route, but it is rather unlikely to get lost. A large group of velomobiles tends to stand out.


    The registration service is provided by and is quite simple after following the appropriate link:
  • Login at (or create a user account for free)
  • Go to the appropriate event (Seminar and/or Get-together)
  • Use the [subscribe] button
  • tick the appropriate boxes
  • Save/submit

Please make your payment as soon as you have received your confirmation by email. Payment instructions are included in the receipt.

In the event you want to make changes to your registration, you can do so by clicking the right even button and adjust your settings. If the change involves a different payment, please also send an email to velomobile seminar

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Time Table

09.45 collect at the square in front of the Meerpaal: De Rede 80, Dronten
10.00 Count the velomobiles and try to break the record.
10.25 Mayors speach
10.30 Departure for tour with the mayor in the Duo-Quest
12.30 - 14.30 lunch and visit to Schokland
15.15 Visit to Urk
appr. 17.00 a 17.30 return to Dronten
Extra: 18.30 pasta meal at the Wisentbos = camping.

Participation to the tour E 15, cash at the start of the tour.
Extra: Registration prior to the event required for the pasta diner at the camping: E15 to be paid at the camping or at the start of the tour.