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Dronten NL

7-8 September 2012!

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Velomobile Technology


In the Technology section of the seminar, knowledge, experience and
technology can be exchanged at an international level. This will
stimulate further developments and technical advancements and further
professionalise the industry.

Professionalisation of the industry

A hot item in the Technology session is attention to enhance a
professional approach of velomobile design and production. During the
seminar there will be demonstrations of the use of ab initio design
software to develop new designs from scratch in a digital format. This
technology can be linked to computerised machinery to produce specific
parts precise, efficitent and accurate to the design.
Especially small, innovative companies with relative low production
volumes at high added value will benefit from this technology. A
growing number of producers now embraces this way of outsourcing the
actual production.

Construction kits

Another focus points is the design aiming at velomobiles delivered as
construction kits. It is a form of open source design in which the
specific knowledge of the builder will be utilised. Designers,
builders and users will all contribute to the further development of
this velomobile: a rich source of further improvements. When you build
your own velomobile, you know it inside out. A great starting point
for efficient maintanance and a lower price as a bonus. Home-builders
are the best ambassadors for promotion of these velomobiles.

Session program

We are pleased to announce the following presentors for the technology
sessions at the Velomobile Seminar:

  • Theo van Andel (NL, discusses 20 years of
  • velomobile developments.
    Abstract available .
  • Kevin Risse (USA): development of suspension and damping for
  • velomobiles
  • Wim Schermer (NL): The VeloTilt: Design of a low drag practical
  • velomobile
    The Velotilt will be a fast, easy to enter and tilting design.
    The Velotilt body will be designed by David Wielemaker and George
    Emile Tokaya. Both are members of the Delft Technical University HPT
    team and designers of the Velox2. The bike will be based on the Fast
    Forward Munzo tilting trike. The Velotilt will have space for luggage
    will be a fast commuter velomobile.

  • Harald Meckelburg (DE) and Pieter Hollebrandse will present on hydraulic drum brakes
  • Abstract available
  • Titus van den Brink
  • will present a home built plywood velomobile
  • Miles Kingsbury (UK)
  • Will guide us through many interesting bits of his very long career in
    the development of propulsion systems, compact velomobiles and
    the Quattro 4-wheel vehicle

Program updates

    Changes to the program are documented here.
  • 22 july: Changed presented Gerard Petersen into Dick Koopmans
  • 22 july: Added Wim Schermer / VeloTilt
  • 29 july: Added A. Vittouris, M. Richardson (AUS)
  • 23 august: Major changes due to shortening of the program.