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Dronten NL

7-8 September 2012!

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Theme Social Context

Although home-built velomobiles have been around for decades, it is
only in recent years that they have been available commercially. In
Germany, Denmark, France and Belgium increasing numbers of people
have bought a velomobile and use it both recreational and for
utilitarian transport.

Although still a rare vehicle on the road, at least in The Netherlands
the booming numbers have made that almost everybody has seen them "in
the wild" and that more and more people recognise them as bicycles.

The Social Aspects theme of the seminar, will address the role
this new mobility moiety can play in society. Due to its high
efficiency it can be important for further development of sustainable
transport. The velomobile in this context can be seen as a
representative of a larger group of vehicles: light weight and
efficient. For example, electric cars play currently a small role in
sustainable transport due to the weight and required batteries. An
electro-driven vehicle more similar to the velomobile could make a
dramatic improvement on transport effects.

Currently suche E-velomobiles are not available, but inevitably they
will get around in the near future. How can the current velomobile
already create social acceptance, contribute to improved vacilities
etc? What are the environmental benefits of this type of leight
weight, personal transport?

Session Programme

We are pleased that the following presentors have agreed to give a
presentation at the 7th International Velomobile Seminar.

  • Peter Cox (University of Chester, UK) will present on
  • Velomobiles and velomobilities: a sociological approach. Abstract Peter Cox

  • Alexander Vittouris and Mark Richardson (AUS, Melbourne university
  • and Menosh University) will speak about Designing for Velomobile
    Diversity: Alternative opportunities for sustainable personal
    Abstract available