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Dronten NL

7-8 September 2012!

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Theme Infra Structure

What good are bikes and bikers without appropriate infrastructure to
ride on and additional facilities like parking? Technology and
promotion are discussed in the other sessions of the seminar. This is
all about traffic infra structure and what comes with it.

The Dutch cycling infrastructure has a strong international
reputation. Indeed, many people come over to see the special cycling
lanes and other dedicated facilities that have been created. Bikers as
well as builders and decission makers come over to get inspired. There
are few countries in which cycling is so well established as in The
Netherlands. The historical and geographic reasons have given it a
firm foundation, but the hardware part certainly plays an important
role in maintaining the high level of cycling in transport and
recreation. The question is: do velomobilists benefit from the front
position of the Dutch?

What makes facilities good?

What makes cycling facilities good and appropriate and which
additional infrastructure is needed to make use of the full potential
of the velomobile and other fast sustainable types of active
transport, like e-bikes and well trained road-bike users? What are the
performance indicators? Is it size, curvature, type of surface,
lighting or are there other conditions that make the difference
between acceptable and truely good infrastructure?

We think the contribution of bikes and active transport in daily
traffic can be significantly increased, especially on the medium to
longer distances. The required qualities of a top level network of
cycle paths and cycling highways will be a focussing point of this
session of the seminar.


We are pleased to announce the following presentors for the
Infrastructure Session.

  • Herbert Tiemens (NL, BRU) will present on fast cycling routes