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Dronten NL

7-8 September 2012!

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7th International Velomobile Seminar

The Seminar has been an energizing great success.
Thanks for presenters from Australia, through the USA and all over Europe to give inspiration and break through thinking.
Thanks also to all volunteers that helped to make the event a success, the visitors for a good atmosphere and constructive participation in the discussion. And of course to our sponsors, the NVHPV, Hans de Waal printing, Picardi BV, Dronten Council and Flevoland administration.

Shortly the proceedings will be available through this site.

Programme details can be found through Programme and through the theme links:

7-8 September 2012 Dronten (NL)

Many countries have developed programmes to stimulate cycling. Not only is cycling fun, but it also helps with reduction of traffic jams, poor health, obesitas and CO2 deposition. Although regular bikes are already efficient and nice, developments have continued beyond that.

New type of bike

A new type of bike has been developed in order to increase comfort and efficiency, resulting in a comprehensive transport alternative. This resulted in the recumbent bike and eventually the velomobile: a recumbent bike with fairing and multiple wheels for superior utilisation in traffic. The fairing dramatically increases speed beyond the level of the ordinary bicycle. This allows the velonaut to get further whilst properly protected against the weather. Shielded from the wind, dry and with ample space for luggage or other stuff.

Continuous development

Around the relative new concept of velomobiles, numerous developments take place. World wide velomobiles are marketed by commonly relative small companies. The main focus being The Netherlands, particularly Dronten. Bikes from Dronten can be found riding in many European countries, but also in Japan, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

150 velomobiles on tour

Oliebollentocht 2012 from frans on Vimeo.

Longer distances, more comfort

From user statistics of the largest velomobile manufacturer, it appears that velonauts truely bike a lot: on average they cover around 600 km/month (400 miles). A large part of that is commuting and other utilitary transport. No surprise, since conveniently twice 18 km can be covered in twice half an hour. This is competitive with commuting by car. And even better if it allows to avoid traffic jams.

With 80 cm, a velomobile is hardly any wider than a cyclist measured from elbow to elbow. A child-trailer is even broader! However, especially because of the increased speeds velomobiles have different requirements for infra structure: broader than the ordinary cycling path and with wider corners. This is by the way something all cyclists would benefit from.

Shared benefits

There are more users of cycling paths that don't conform the standard measurements: bikes with child-trailer, bakfietsen and electric assisted bikes. All these users will appreciate the improved facilities we pursue.

Commonly velomobiles can use the regular traffic infrastructure, but also cycling paths where available. Most European cycling infrastructure may be useable, but will not do right to the full potential of velomobiles. Especially the there is a blind spot for the significantly larger distances velonauts can cover. This is the main reason why the Dutch Human Powered Vehicles association is pleading for country wide fast bike routes.

Seminar context

At the velomobile seminar we bring together users, road constructors, manufacturers, developpers and others together in orther to stimulate further developments of infra structure, social embedding, velomobile technology and promotion.

On Friday 7 September a scientific and technical meeting with oral and poster presentations, combined with technical performances has been held. The conference part of the seminar will be organised around the following themes:

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    The seventh international velomobile seminar is organised and sponsored by the NVHPV
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